Workshop on “Developing the Project for Development and Improving the Efficiency of Volunteers in the new situation”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On the morning of November 20, 2018, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Red Cross in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross organized a workshop on “Developing the Project for Improvement and Improvement of Operational Effectiveness of volunteers in the new situation “.

Ms. Tran Thi Hong An, Vice President of the Vietnam Red Cross, delivered opening speech at the workshop

Attending the workshop were Tran Thi Hong An- Vice President of the Vietnam Red Cross, Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong – Former President of the Vietnam Red Cross – Member of the Steering Committee for projects development and staff/volunteers from 9 provinces and cities: Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre, Dak Lak, Da Nang, Tien Giang, Tra Vinh and Vinh Long.

At the opening speech, Ms. Tran Thi Hong An, Vice President of the Vietnam Red Cross, said: “Over the past years, the Red Cross has been carrying out a lot of humanitarian activities with the great humanitarian mission caring for the poor, vulnerable people in society. In the period of congress term IX (2012-2017), VNRC has mobilized more than 10 trillion VND, caring for 36 thousand turns of poor and vulnerable people. The results of the activities have a small contribution of Red Cross volunteers. Currently, the number of volunteers is not big, there are about 360 thousand volunteers, but most effective models and have the active participation and enthusiasm of a large number of volunteers.

Ms. Tran Thi Hong An stressed that in the context of the new situation of organizational reform, the streamlining apparatus of the organisation in the spirit of the 18th Resolutions of the Party Central Committee at all levels is changing the organizational structure and operation. Vietnam Red Cross has the advantage that for the first time, the Red Cross Statute has been approved by the Prime Minister, however, VNRC is also facing many challenges in organizing the structure. Ownership in the activity requires the organisation to innovate in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of activities. Recently, VNRC has established the Steering Committee to develop projects in the spirit of Directive No 18 of the Prime Minister. The project “Developing and improving the performance of volunteers in the new situation” is one of nine projects that have been directed and built by VNRC. Through this workshop, VNRC wishes that the participants in the process of discussion, from the practical at the grassroots, have very straightforward comments, objective comments, successful in the volunteer work over time, continue to have suggestions and solutions to build and develop volunteer force.

At the workshop, the participants divided the focus group into 6 main topics, namely: typical models of activities, new models of volunteers; the outstanding results of the volunteer activities; The main reason for the success of volunteerism in recent years. shortcomings, weaknesses and shortcomings in the work of volunteers; Propose innovative policies and solutions to develop and improve the quality and effectiveness of volunteer activities in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong – Former President of Vietnam Red Cross – Member of Central Steering Committee for Project Development co-chaired the workshop.

After a lively discussion day, following the requirements set out in the scheme, with enthusiasm and from the issues raised during the field activities, the workshop participants discussed some typical and new models in the past, such as the kitchen of love in provincial hospitals, free transfer vehicles, charity houses,… The discussion also found that volunteerism has met the urgent needs of the people. Volunteers participate in many fields, high performance, propaganda of humanitarian values, create confidence of the people for the organisation, contributing to stabilizing social security, sustainable poverty reduction, spreading humanitarian values ​​deep in the community …

Participants also expressed some wishes and suggestions to improve the effectiveness of volunteerism. They were encouraged by authorities at all levels to create favorable conditions in their activities. Organizing training courses to improve knowledge and skills for volunteers; have funding to support volunteer activities; To develop a specific policy mechanism on volunteers, reward the volunteers, provide uniforms for volunteers ….

The result of this workshop is the basis for the group to draft the project “Developing and improving the performance of volunteers in the new situation” which will be submitted for approval by the VNRC in a meeting to be held in January 2019.

Thu Hương (Tạp chí Nhân đạo)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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