“Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims – Love spread throughout the whole Society

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On April 27, the Vietnam Red Cross organized the Review meeting of the campaign “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims ” for the period 2009-2018. After 20 years since its launching in 1999, the campaign “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims ” has mobilized over VND 6,675 billion, providing assistance to over 22.1 million poor households, Orange Agent victims, households affected by natural disasters.

Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims, with its humanitarian value originated from the Oriental Culture, has been widely and strongly spread in the community, became the campaignof the entire population over the past 10 years from 2009 to 2018. In the recent years, the campaign has received high level of attention and direct participation of leaders of the Party and the State, businesses and benefactors with diversified and practical forms of assistance (in-kind and in-cash donations, houses, cows, humanitarian works, etc) providing assistance to various vulnerable groups nationwide. Within the 10 years from 2009 to 2018 o­nly, the campaignhas helped over 16.9 million people (3.3 times more than in the previous 10 years), with the value of nearly VND 6,120 billion (11 times higher than that in the previous 10 years).

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam made speech at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam proudly acknowledged and praised the VNRC at all levels, its members, volunteers, business community, individuals, organizations at home and abroad for having contributed to the realization of the Partys and States policies in poverty reduction and care for the poor and the disadvantaged with the objective of “nobody is left behind” through their heartful contributions to bring such programs like the “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims” to the great success, become a campaign of the entire society.

The Deputy Minister urged the Party committees and the Government agencies at alllevels to pay special attention to the movement “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims” in order to make it even more developed; the campaignshould be actively coordinated and integrated into the socio-economic development policies in the locality; Red Cross organization at all levels to continue to strive to become the core player and coordinator of the movement so that the poor will not o­nly provided with material assistance o­n certain occasions, but also with longer term support and o­n more regular basis. “We have not o­nly helped bringing Lunar New Year to millions of families but more importantly made the human values ​​spread in society so that people love each other more and more, together overcome difficulties and move forwards a better life”- Deputy Prime Minister shared.

The Vietnam Red Cross Society was awared the Third Class Labor Medal

At the meeting, o­n behalf of the Party and State’s leaders, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam awarded the Third Class Labor Medal to the VNRC’s Headquarters;  The Prime Minister’s Certificates of Merit were  awarded to 6 departments, provincial chapters and organizations; 33 other departments, provincial chapters and organizations and 20 individuals received the Certificate of Recognition from the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross Society for their outstanding contribution to the campaign.

Nguyen Minh Dung

Translated by Lan Anh 

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