Quang Tri Red Cross summarizes its work in 2018

31/10/2023 - 05:10

This morning, December 26th, 2018, Quang Tri Red Cross held a conference to review the work in 2018, deploy the tasks in 2019. Mr. Hoang Nam, Vice Chairman of the provincial Peoples Committee attended and directed the conference.

Attending the conference, there were nearly 100 representatives from Departments, Branches, unions and members of provincial Steering Committees; Representatives of the Red Cross Standing Committee of 10 districts, towns and cities and 72 collectives and individuals have outstanding achievements in the Red Cross Movement.

(Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chien – Chairman of Quang Tri Red Cross spoke at the conference)

The conference focused on evaluating the results of 10 years of implementing the Campaign “Every organization, each individual associated with a humanitarian address”, Voluntary Blood Donation Movement in 2018. After 10 years of development, the campaign has received a positive response from numerous stakeholders, organizations, individuals, benefiting benefactors, and regularly supported 4,859 humanitarian addresses with a total value of over VND 29,7 billion accounted for 98% of the total of 4,956 addresses surveyed. In addition, the provincial Red Cross at all levels have mobilized and supported 1,200 vehicles such as wheelchairs with the amount of nearly VND 2.5 billion; awarded over 162 thousand gifts worth over VND 56 billion; build 93 Red Cross houses worth more than 4 billion VND; allocating 114,942 rice/porridge portion for poor patients worth nearly 2 billion VND, giving 285 breeding cows worth 2.7 billion VND, …

Particularly in 2018, all levels of Red Cross had innovations in the way of mobilizing and implementing activities in accordance with the conditions of each locality. Effectively maintaining the Campaign “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims”, The Campaign “Every organization, every individual is associated with a humanitarian address”, Movement of voluntary blood donation, focusing on consolidating the organization of the REd Cross association, synchronously implement other related activities from provincial to grassroots levels. As a result, the Red Cross associations at all levels supported 169,133 beneficiaries with a total value of over VND 30 billion, actively contributing to the implementation of social security policies of the province.


(Individuals with outstanding achievements receiving certificate of merit)

With the results achieved, Vietnam Red Cross, the Provincial Peoples Committee, the Steering Committee of the Campaign “Every organization, every individual is associated with a humanitarian address”, Steering Committee for blood donation of the province and the Executive Committee of the Red Cross association have recognized and awarded certificates of merit to 44 collectives, 31 families, 348 individuals with outstanding achievements in related Red Cross activities.

Ly Na

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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