Quang Ninh province: “Safe Community” paradigm

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Sharing how to prevent COVID- 19 pandemic with people in Lien Hoa ward, Quang Yen town by Quang Ninh province RC officer

Therefore, Lien Hoa ward is qualified to  set up the paradigm “Safe Community” which was born in 2018 due to the commune is in difficulties, its environment wasn’t good enough to supply clean water to people, as well as awareness of people in commune about disaster prevention was in limitation. Beside the commune is located in low-lying areas, with many hidden risks of disasters, floods and high tides. With the purpose of communicating the good paradigm to community, Quang Ninh province RC directs its’ branch, Quang Yen town RC meet some local Government and other offices in communicating of advantage of the paradigm to commune, “Setting up “Safe Community” in Lien Hoa ward is very necessary in providing facilities and rising awareness of local people about some problems in local, such as: Disaster prevention and clean water and environment. We organized disaster response preparation and community-based risk management training course. After that we listed the number of 25 trainees are considered as Core in a Red Cross Volunteers group will involve in supporting and responding to disasters and rescuing and First Aid as well as evacuation activities” said Vu Hong Hai, president of Quang Ninh province RC. 
The achievement in last 2- year is significant with number of 4 training courses with 300 volunteers participated. For the plan of the year 2020, Quang Ninh province RC co- operated with other offices in communication to community protection method from COVID- 19 pandemic and the free 200 pcs of face mask for people. Furthermore number of other 4 swimming courses and “Safe in school” that trainees are Primary school teachers and their pupils in a number of 100 will be held.     

Beneficiaries in Lien Hoa commune paid by cash by Agribank, Quang Yen branch in Aug. 2020

Moreover, Quang Ninh province RC and Government offices in local made a data base of 65 vulnerable families need humanitarian support from donors who donated 25 bicycles in value of 37 million VND to poor students and granted scholarships to poor students who perform excellently in schools. Beside they also supported to build 5 humanitarian standard houses that worth 200 million VND. In 2020, the project, whose name “Response to COVID 19 pandemic” sponsored by IFRC to support poor families in Quang Ninh province that organized by provincial RC, 57 poor families in Lien Hoa commune, each received from one to three million VND in cash. Two years of implementation of the project the living condition has been improved, cleaner environment, 75% local people gave up their bad habit in waste to public areas, the percentage of people who suffering from gynecological diseases, diarrhea and respiratory diseases decreased by 30%, poor families from 65 to 22, the percentage increases by 20% in understanding the disaster, as well as how to respond to it, rate of 100% population agrees with the paradigm.
“The factor that helps the success of the paradigm is from local offices and commune. The “Safe Community” paradigm helps the participation of provincial and local Government offices and incorporations and individuals and others in order to make lives of people better. The greatest effect from the “Safe Community” paradigm is sustainable, it should be directed to the operating mechanism of the local government offices, in which each citizen is the subject in that community”, Mr. Hai added.

By Duong Tuong

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