President of the Vietnam Red Cross had a working visit to Japan

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On February 25th, 2019, the delegation of the Vietnam Red Cross, led by President Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, started a business trip to Japan at the invitation of the Japanese Red Cross Society and Asian Human Resource Training and Development Organization (AHTDO).

Yuraku-Cho fixed blood donation point

The purpose of the working visit to Japan this time is to enhance the learning experience of organizing some models of social welfare activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society, the successful lessons of the Japanese Red Cross Society in mobilizing resources, creating revenues, self-financially maintaining the activities of the organization, and looking for the possibility of participating in technical assistance as well as cooperation of the Japanese Red Cross Society and related partners in promoting a number of priority orientations of the Vietnam Red Cross in the coming time, including the focus on building a system of sponsoring, caring for the older people, developing Blood Service Centre of the Vietnam Red Cross.

Working lunch with with Mr. Yoshiharu Otsuka, Vice President of Japan Red Cross Society

Japan is the worlds oldest population. With an aging population of 26.6%, Japan now faces many social and economic pressures. The changes in the lifestyle of modern society, the situation of the older people without children or living with and receiving the care of their descendants are increasing, making the burden for the social welfare sector growing, with a particularly serious shortage of human resource force doing care work. Vietnam is now just entering the golden population phase that is facing the risk of aging population, becoming one of the 10 countries with the fastest population growth rate in the world. According to the forecast of the United Nations, by 2050 Vietnams aging population will be similar to that of Japan today. In order to prepare well for the participation in meeting the rapidly increasing needs in the coming time, the Vietnam Red Cross has pioneered the development of a training program for care workers (Kaigo Training Program), including the care of the older people. The Kaigo program was built on the Japanese prototype, in cooperation with the AHTDO and its member organizations. The program aims to train Japanese human resources for nursing staff, not only to meet the current needs of Japan but also to prepare human resources for the development of the welfare system and Social protection in Vietnam in the future.

Visit Hirro Social Welfare Center, Tokyo

Director of Hiroo Nursing Center (on the right) and President Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu (on the left) visited the room of an elderly person at the Center

Working visit to CareCom Company, the first company to develop information technology system for hospitals and nursing facilities.

On the occasion of this visit to Japan, in addition to directly visiting the social protection centers, hospitals, nursing schools of the Japanese Red Cross Society to learn how to operate the treatment and care system, which is considered as a model of Japan, mobilization of the Japanese Red Cross Society to cooperate in receiving Kaigo trainees of the Vietnam Red Cross and provision of technical support for the Kaigo program of the Association, the mission had important working sessions with government agencies, such as: with Japans Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to seek support in the certification and quality assurance of Kaigo Traning Program in Vietnam; with Ehime and Matsuyama Cities governments to learn about the needs of nursing staff, the potential to create outputs for the Kaigo training program in Vietnam in the short term …

President Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu discussed with Ms. Emiko Takagai, Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
Talk with Mr. Tokihiro Nakamura, Governor of Ehime Prefecture, Japan

With the response and expectation from the Japanese partners, the visit contributed to affirm the appropriateness of the new orientation in the work of the Vietnam Red Cross, demonstrating the Associations active role in welcoming early challenges and new opportunities.

Lan Anh

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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