Nghe An Red Cross Chapter: Humanitarian activities reached nearly VND 46 billion in 2018

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On January 9th, 2019, in Vinh City, Nghe An Red Cross Chapter held a review conference in 2018 and implemented the operation plan for 2019.

Attending the conference were Mr. Hoang Dinh Tuan – Deputy Head of the Provincial Department for Public Relation, representatives of provincial departments and agencies, representatives of the Peoples Committee and the Red Cross of districts, cities, towns and individuals, collectives.

In 2018, Nghe An Red Cross Chapter organized and mobilized support for 58,185 people, worth nearly VND 46 billion through: the Movement “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims”, donated nearly 50,000 gifts, exceeding 9.218 gifts compared to the target; The program “Warm New Year in Bordering Area – Connecting love”, “Live to love” program in highland communes; The campaign “Every organization, individual associated to a humanitarian address”, helped over 927 addresses with the amount of over 2 billion VND. In addition, the Red Cross Chapter also organized meaningful humanitarian and social activities such as: “Strengthening school”, “Mid-Autumn Festival”, “Kindergarten semester”, “Safe school”, “Prevention drowning, first aid “… Besides, the Red Cross Chapter also maintains and develops number of cows through the project “Cow Bank” which has increased 14 baby cows for poor households to improve their economic situation. The Red Cross was also promptly in the response to natural disasters, mobilizing and organizing relief support to areas hit by natural disasters and floods in the province with over 3 billion VND. Health care and advocacy for voluntary blood donation has been effectively implemented, which has been providing free medicines for over 6,000 people, giving 238 wheelchairs to people with disabilities, organizing more than 50 blood donations and mobilized 32,926 blood units achieving 122% of the plan …

In addition to professional activities, the Red Cross at all levels in Nghe An province also performed well the organization, admission of members, collection of membership fees and the construction of the “organizational structure, streamline reduction restructure and restructure the team towards improving efficiency, operational efficiency … ”

At the Conference, participants raised the advantages, lessons learned as well as limitations in the practice of the Red Cross, at the same time offered solutions and key plans in 2019 Special attention is focused on the effective implementation of the movement “Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange” of Piggy Year 2019, the Red Cross of the whole province strives to give 50,000 gifts, effectively implements the campaign “Each organization, each individual is associated with a humanitarian address”, plays a good role as a bridge, pioneering role in organizing humanitarian activities in the community. There are many exciting and practical activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nghe An Red Cross.

At the Conference, 39 collectives, 75 individuals with outstanding achievements in the Red Cross Movement in 2018 were awarded the Certificate of Merit and Medal for Red Cross Work by the Vietnam Red Cross. Nghe An Provincial Peoples Committee awarded Certificate of Merit to 10 collectives, 12 individuals with outstanding achievements contributing to the provinces socio-economic development. The Executive Committee of Nghe An Red Cross Chapter presented certificates of merit for the Red Cross work and voluntary blood donation movement to 62 collectives and 69 individuals.

Kim Oanh

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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