“Month for humanitarian activities” in 2019: “Connecting, Sharing and Spreading”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Following guideline of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of Vietnam Communist Party, in 2018, the Vietnam Red Cross launched pilot program named “Month for humanitarian activities” mobilizing more than 244 billion VND to support 626.000 turns of disadvantaged people.

Launching Ceremony of the program “Month for humanitarian activities” in 2018

In 2019, the program will start from 1st May to 31st May 2019 nationwide, with peak dates from 8th May (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day) to 19th May (Birthday of the Late State President Ho Chi Minh – the First Honorary President of the Vietnam Red Cross). The program aims to further enhance the awareness of the Party and Authorities; strengthen the Partys leadership and the States management towards humanitarian works; deepen and further spread the values ​​and tradition of humanity across people. Thereby it promotes emulation movement of participating in humanitarian activities by agencies, organizations and individuals; strengthening fundraising activities at the localities to support humanitarian need. In addition, it contributes to building a great unity of the whole nation; creating a community of solidarity and mutual support,  trusting in the Partys leadership and the States management and striving for successful implementation of national development and protection objectives.

The theme of  “Month for humanitarian activities” in 2019 is “Connecting, Sharing and Spreading” in which Vietnam Red Cross plays a key role in mobilizing and connecting millions of national and international compassionate hearts to share and provide opportunities, faith, happiness and new better start to disadvantaged people; spreading humanitarian activities across communities in order to enhance social unity and national strength.

Delegates joined walk in launching ceremony of the event “Month for humanitarian activities” in 2018

During the program, a series of meaningful activities will be conducted such as fund support for production, cow support, shelter support, free health check and free medicine delivery, humanitarian blood donation recruitment, first aid knowledge and skills training, etc.

Reported by Khanh Chi

Translated by Vu Binh

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