Le Mong Dao Educational Support Fund provided scholarships to 106 poor students in Ninh Binh province

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On 30/10/2018, Ninh Binh provincial Red Cross in collaboration with the Educational Support Fund Le Mong Dao held a scholarship ceremony “Together to make dream” for students, poor students who study well in the province with a total value of 280 million. The scholarships are divided into 4 groups, each with 2-5 million VND.

Awarding scholarships to students.

Each child has a different situation, fate, but they have a common point that is rich in energy in life and achieve high academic achievement.

Le Duc Quoc, 11A student of Hoa Lu A Secondary School, Ninh Binh present at the ceremony: “I am honored to receive this scholarship today, this is a gift. Meaning that you continue to strive to be a well-educated, well-educated student. I will try to learn and practice well so that later become useful for society. Here I would like to send my deep thanks to the sponsors, Ninh Binh Red Cross and the teachers who have interest and encouragement to those who have had many difficulties in their life”.

It is known that Le Duc Quoc Baos situation is very difficult, his family is poor in Truong Yen, his father died when he was only 4 years old, his mother farming, frequency of feeding 2 sisters school. Baos older sister is studying at Hanoi University, her mother and younger sister are in the house, but her mother is sick. Understanding her mothers struggles, Bao has been trying hard to study well, for 10 consecutive years is a good student and today, Bao received this scholarship value.

Speaking at the scholarship award ceremony, Mr. Le Viet Hung, Executive Vice President of the Educational Support Fund, Le Mong Dao, said that the scholarship fund aims to encourage and create favorable conditions for students. He has struggled to achieve high academic achievement, creative ideas and scientific research. The support of the Fund will help students not only Ninh Binh but the whole country knows how to strive, overcome all difficulties to reach the bright future, nurture useful human resources for society.

The Red Cross awarded “Golden Heart Recognition” to Le Mong Dao Educational Support Fund

Recognizing the fine contribution of the Fund to humanitarian contributions in the province, Mr. Bui Trong Ky, Chairman of Provincial Red Cross Chapter, presented the “Golden Heart Recognition” to the Educational Support Fund Le Mong Dao for outstanding achievements in humanitarian work in 2018. At the ceremony, the Chairman of the Provincial Red Cross Chapter thanked the attention and care of the Educational Support Fund Le Mong Dao to the young talent, to create conditions for poor students and students have the conditions to study well. With the scholarships awarded will partly motivate the spirit of overcoming difficulties of the children.

Phùng Luyến (CTV)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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