Lao Cai Red Cross: The total operation value in 2018 reached VND 32.7 billion

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Lao Cai Red Cross recently reviewed the Red Cross work in 2018 and summarize the campaign of voluntary blood donation and honor typical voluntary blood donors in 2018.

Attending and directing the conference were Ms. Ha Thi Nga, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Committee, Honorary Chairwoman of Lao Cai Red Cross, Head of the Provincial Voluntary Blood Donation Steering Committee, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chien-Vice Chairman of Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Mr. Hoang Van Hieu – Deputy Director of Lao Cai General Hospital and the Executive Committee of the provincial Red Cross and members of the Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation campaign in Lao Cai province.

The conference summarized the work of the Red Cross association in 2018, setting out the tasks in the year 2019. In 2018, Red Cross levels were actively advising Party committees and local authorities on directing and effective operation support. Executive Committee, Standing Committee of the Red Cross at all levels closely follow the plan to implement; closely coordinate with all levels and sectors in directing humanitarian work, closely following and well implementing the signed coordination programs, associate the implementation of the tasks of the Red Cross organization with the implementation of Directive 05 of the Polibureau on “Learning and following Ho Chi Minhs ideology, morality, style” and directing and guiding “Learning Ho Chi Minhs idea of ​​patriotic emulation in humanitarian work” launched by the Vietnam Red Cross; responding to special emulation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ho Chi Minhs visit to Lao Cai (September 23rd, 1958 – September 23rd, 2018); 70 years of Ho Chi Minhs call for patriotic emulation (11/6/1948- 11/6/2018) launched by Lao Cai Provincial Peoples Committee.

The results of the “Tet for the Poor and Agent Orange Victims” movement in 2018 were mobilized to give 28,366 Tet gifts; 12,473 clothes, 3,199 blankets, 09 red cross houses, 12 breeding cows … for poor households and those in difficult circumstances with a total value of cash and goods over VND 14,382 billion;

Implementation of the campaign “Every organization, every individual is associated with a humanitarian address”, the Red Cross at all levels continue to advocate and manage humanitarian addresses, which are orphaned children with especially difficult circumstances, disabled, lonely older people. In 2018, there were 366 orphans, 630 disabled people, lonely older people with no support … received sponsorship, increased by 236 people compared to the end of 2017, the total value of the campaign in the year reaching over VND 3 billion 430 million; The program “Cow Bank” was implemented in 6 districts of Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai, Muong Khuong, Bao Yen, Bao Thang and Bat Xat, which contributed to helping people in highland and border economic development. , rising out of poverty. The total initial number of breeding cows was 335, which invested in 335 poor households. Up to now, there have been 193 poor households being supported by the number of additional cows, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 528 households. In 2018, handed over 32 12-month-old baby cows to new poor households.

Various levels of the Red Cross organization proactively elaborates plans for prevention and response to natural disasters close to local conditions. Propagating, mobilizing staff, members, volunteers to support over 20 tons of cold jackets for people in highland to fight against cold; coordinating with mass organizations to mobilize Red Cross staff, members and volunteers to participate in helping 291 families in Muong Khuong and Si Ma Cai districts damaged by flashflood with temporary shelter, roofing, stabilizing their lives and supporting damaged households with VND 225 million; coordinate with the Red Cross Chapters of Ha Tinh, Dong Nai, Dac Lac and Quang Ninh to support households in Van Ban, Bao Thang and Bao Yen districts affected by flash floods, landslides, relocation and repair houses, support reproduction with total value of 500 million VND. Supporting 05 traffic accident victims, 12 people with houses collapsed due to flashflood, 17 houses were burned, and 05 families having members died due to drowning, 03 people died due to labor accidents with a total amount of 105 million VND. The total value of disaster prevention and response activities in the year reached VND 2.3 billion.

Health care activities: actively coordinated with the Association of Young Physicians, the Traditional Medicine Hospital of the province and a number of central hospitals, organized medical consultations and health consultations and free medicine provision in Bat Xat, Bao Thang, Muong Khuong, Van Ban, Si Ma Cai and Bao Yen districts; At the same time, presenting gifts, medical examination and treatment, giving free medicine to poor households, people in difficult circumstances, victims of Agent Orange, organizing propaganda and mobilizing members and people well implement national health programs on environmental sanitation, food safety and hygiene, disease prevention in the community, and support people in highland warm and cold clothes. The total number of people receiving medical examination, counseling and health promotion in the year was 16,700 turns of people, worth VND 600 million.

Continue to maintain the operation of the “Red Cross Kitchen” model in hospitals in the province, support poor patients with free meals including rice, light porridge, bread … Total support value over VND 350 million, supporting over 7,600 beneficiaries. In addition, support for children with congenital malformations with free surgery in Da Nang with a total amount of VND 120 million. The total value of health care activities in 2018, reaching over 1.2 billion VND to support over 20 thousand beneficiaries.

As a standing body of the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation, the Red Cross organization at all levels advised to develop a plan to mobilize voluntary blood donation in 2018; plan to organization blood donation campagin on the occasion of Tet and “Red Spring Festival”; Organize campaigns and events in the year, such as organizing a blood donation festival “Join voluntary arms – Sharing love blood” in response to the  early spring blood donation movement and Voluntary blood donation day (April 7th); coordinate with the provincial Labor Federation to organize the “Blood drops of staff, workers and labors” in 2018; Deploy the plan of “Red blood drops” in the summer of 2018 and honoring typical blood donors. At the grassroot level, the blood donation clubs/teams are well maintained to meet the emergency needs in the locality, participating in blood donations, regularly helping the poor patients at Health facilities in the whole province. As a result, Lao Cai Red Cross  received 4,285 blood units, exceeding the target of 150% of the National Steering Committees plan.

Implementing the direction of the Provincial Peoples Committee and the guidance of the provincial Emulation and Reward Council and the Vietnam Red Cross, responding to the special emulation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Uncle Hos visit to Lao Cai (September 23, 1958 – September 23, 2018) and 70 years on the date of Uncle Hos call for emulation (11 / 6/1948 – 11/6/2018) launched by Lao Cai Provincial Peoples Committee, all levels of the Red Cross organization have developed emulation programs and plans under the guidance of the Provincial Emulation and Reward Council; The emulation division of the Fatherland Front and the political and social organizations and guiding the registration of emulation to staff and employees in agencies and grassroots associations; register emulation and implement emulation movements such as emulation movement “People with good skills”; Movement “All people protect national security”; “Building safety, order and security for agencies”; “All people unite to build new countryside and civilized cities”; building of agencies working culture; “The festival of all people protects national security”.

Plennary session

In 2018, the Vietnam Red Cross awarded a certificate of merit to one group and 07 individuals with outstanding achievements in the Tet campaign for the poor and victims of Agent Orange, in the period of 2009-2018; donating 01 flag, awarded certificates of merit to 17 collectives, 11 individuals with achievements in Red Cross activities in 2018; Chairman of the provincial Peoples Committee presented the title of provincial emulation soldier to 01 individual with outstanding achievements in the regular emulation movement in the period of 2015-2017; Emulation Council commended and rewarded the provincial Red Cross Association for rewarding 28 collectives and 34 individuals with outstanding achievements in the Tet campaign for the poor and Agent Orange victims in the period of 2009-2018 and Red Cross youth work in school in 2017-2018 school year; 30 teams, 23 individuals in the emulation movement in 2018; 17 collectives, 9 individuals in advocacy for voluntary blood donation. Lao Cai Red Cross is honored to receive the 2nd Grade Medal of the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the conference, Ms. Ha Thi Nga, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee highly appreciated the results of the Red Cross organizations activities in 2018, at the same time asked the organization at all levels to regularly report on the results of activities, difficulties, proposals and recommendations to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, timely advising on the organization of activities; elaborate a detailed annual action plan to propose funding support, research and coordinate with the Department of Finance on the allocation of operating funds to all levels of the organization; continue to coordinate with agencies and propaganda agencies to raise the awareness of people of all strata in the implementation of humanitarian work, renew the content and operation methods to attract a wide range of people participation…

On this occasion, the Vietnam Red Cross awarded the flag of excellent emulation for Red Cross work at district and city levels for 5 consecutive years (2014-2018); awarded certificates of merit to 17 collectives and 11 individuals with outstanding achievements in Red Cross work in 2018. Lao Cai Red Cross Chapter awarded certificates of merit to 30 collectives and 23 individuals with achievements in 2018; Certificate of merit for 17 collectives and 9 individuals with outstanding achievements in propaganda and mobilization of voluntary blood donation in 2018.

Minh Đức

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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