Lam Dong Red Cross shared difficulties with potato farmers in Gia Lai province

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On the morning of March 10, 2019, five tons of potatoes of Gia Lai farmers were transported to Lam Dong in the joy of humanitarian workers, contributing to sharing the love between poor people and potato growers and consumers.

Through information from the Red Cross system in helping farmers in Gia Lai province overcome difficulties when the price of sweet potatoes dropped as result from pressure of traders making many families miserable in supplying potatoes to the market. As a professional humanitarian organization and sharing difficulties in supplying potatoes to the market for farmers in Gia Lai province in the Central Highlands, Lam Dong Red Cross has implemented the program “Love for Potatoes” to sharing the love between producers and consumers, helping farmers of Gia Lai province.

The first truck carrying ootato arrived at Lam Dong Red Cross on March 10, 2019

The “Love for Potato” program has come to Lam Dong people through the information channels of newspapers, social networks, consumers and the sharing of grassroots Red Cross organizations and other organizations. Many sponsors helped the poor. Implementing this program, leaders of the Lam Dong Red Cross instructed the Red Cross of districts and cities to raise their sense of responsibility, mutual affection and help farmers in difficult times; mobilize grassroots organizations and members, Red Cross volunteers to respond and consume potatoes to help farmers contitnues to produce potatoes.

In addition, this program also helps Red Cross staff to have more knowledge and skills to organize and participate in revenue-generating services to increase the fund for the Red Cross, sharing with the poor, vulnerable people, lonely old people, orphaned children, Agent Orange victims, disabled people.

Ms. Ngoc, in charge of Red Cross in School, Phan Nhu Thach School, Da Lat City, shared: “Buying a kilo of potatoes has made you two meaningful jobs, that is to help farmers in Gia Lai province overcome difficulties and contribute to support the Humanitarian Fund ”.

In the first phase, Lam Dong Red Cross imported 5 tons of potatoes from Gia Lai to help farmers with selling price of 13,000 VND per kg, and in the afternoon, the Red Cross was able to consume nearly 3 tons of potatoes. If convenient, the Red Cross will continue to import potatoes to support the people and have additional funds for humanitarian activities of the Association.

Hoàng Văn Khôi – Lam Dong Red Cross Chapter

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa


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