Lam Dong organized the program “Valentine Red Blood Drop in 2019”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On February 14th, Lam Dong Red Cross Chapter organized the program “Valentine Red Blood Drop in 2019”, opening the series of activities for “Voluntary Blood Donation Festival”.

This years Valentines Day (February 14th) of many couples in Da Lat city became more special, because besides dating, giving each other roses or chocolate boxes … as a way of giving love, they also share love with many others, by sharing their precious blood drops during the blood donation festival “Valentine Red Blood Drop”.

Overview of voluntary blood donors  in “Valentine Red Blood Drop” 2019

From early on, teacher Phan Thi Thanh Tam, from Lam Son Secondary School – Da Lat city was present to do procedures to participate in blood donation. Ms. Thanh Tam shared that this is the 5th time she participated in blood donation and will continue to participate as long as possible. Because it was a special day, with the name “Valentine Red Blood Drop”, besides the enthusiastic participation of teachers and staff from schools in the city of Da Lat, the festival was still attractive, many couples participate in blood donation.

Ms. Le Thanh Xuan shared: “When I learned about the program, I immediately thought that this would be a special occasion to convince my boyfriend to donate blood. I often participate in blood donation so I dont feel anxious or insecure. Instead it is exciting, because it feels like your love becomes more sacred when you both do a meaningful thing for the community today. This will truly be a memorable memory for us on this special day ”.

Without their lovers, many young people still are happy to register for voluntary blood donation, participate in this meaningful activity, with the hope that Valentines Day will truly become a day of love among people.

Along with the opening of the fixed Blood Donation Point, this is the first time the blood donation festival “Valentine Red Blood Drop” has been organized by the provincial Red Cross, and will become a “Voluntary Blood Donation Day” organized regularly on the 14th of every month, with the goal of receiving about 60 blood units per blood donation. Blood was taken to Lam Dong General Hospital, contributing to ensuring blood volume for patients who need blood transfusions.

Mr. Do Hoang Tuan – Chairman of Lam Dong Red Cross Chapter, said: “The 2019 Valentine Red Blood Drop Festival has practical significance, this will be an opportunity for couples, especially young people to share their couple love with the community, from which they get closer. Besides, propaganda and mobilization to participate in humanitarian blood donation are also more easily spread. Many young people will have the opportunity to participate, share with poor patients or less fortunate patients ”.

Hoàng Văn Khôi (Lâm Đồng Red Cross Chapter)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa


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