Hoa Binh Red Cross Chapter to implement its tasks in 2019

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On March 1, 2019, Hoa Binh Red Cross Chapter organized a conference to implement the tasks of the Association and the voluntary blood donation movement in 2019. Attending and directing the conference were Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong – Vice Chairman of Hoa Binh Provincial Peoples Committee, Head of Provincial Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation; leaders of departments, agencies, unions of the province, members of the Executive Committee of Red Cross Association of the province, districts and cities.

In 2018, the humanitarian activities of all levels of the Association in the province have many positive changes in depth, many areas are increasingly effective towards vulnerable people in society. Among them, the highlights were the movement of “Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange”, all levels of the Association visited and donated 23,797 gifts, worth VND 10,319 million; Movement “Action Month for Agent Orange victims” helping 1,639 turns of Agent Orange victims in difficult circumstances worth VND 840 million; The program “Cow Bank” in 2018, all levels of the Association have presented, transferred 29 cows worth 518 million VND; Coordinating with the Red Cross Association of Lac Son district to organize the reception and awarding of “Vingroup Scholarship Fund” in 2018 to poor students who overcome difficulties in districts and cities worth VND 98,400,000; Collaborating with Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. to donate 600 gifts to people damaged by the storm No. 3 in 2018 in Da Bac district with a total value of VND 300 million; activities of the project “Enhancing the capacity of the Red Cross level in disaster risk management, health care and first aid in emergency situations” worth 800 millions VND; Organizing dissemination and advocacy to support people in the northern and northern central regions to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives, the value was over 1 billion VND … The total value of social work activities reached above VND 14,439 million, assisting over 30,798 people.

Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong (standing in the middle) – Vice Chairman of Hoa Binh Provincial Peoples Committee awarded Medal, Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam Red Cross, Provincial Red Cross, Steering Committee for blood donation campaign for the collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements

There have been many practical activities in areas of healthcare and voluntary blood donation such as: Coordinate with Hanoi Eye Hospital to conduct humanitarian eye examination for 1,908 people, worth over VND 11 million; coordinate with the Provincial Military Command and the Red Cross Association of districts to provide free medicines to 1,050 people who are poor and social policy preferential treatment families in districts of Mai Chau, Lac Son, Yen Thuy and Cao Phong, worth over VND 99 million from the donation of the Vingroup Fund; The Red Cross of districts/cities in coordination with commune and district health centers to maintain medical examination, counseling and free medicines for 3,548 people, worth over VND 361 million; In addition to free medical examination and treatment activities, Red Cross districts and cities still maintain the model “Kitchen of love”, “Shared meals” at provincial, district and city hospitals, During the year, 9,743 rice and porridge were distributed, worth over VND 172 million … The voluntary blood donation work has always been organized by the Steering Committees at all levels, in 2018, 20 blood donation campaigns were held with 9,534 people registered to participate, receiving 8,082.8 units of blood. The value of health care activities and voluntary blood donation reached over VND 1,795 million

The total value of activities in the province in 2018 reached VND 19,884 million, assisting over 52,125 turns of people to contribute practically to the settlement of social security policies in the locality.

At the Conference, the Organizing Committee awarded Medal, Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam Red Cross, Provincial Red Cross, Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation for collectives and individuals having excellent achievements in the Associations work and voluntary blood donation movement.

Hương Dung (Hoa Binh Red Cross Chapter)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa


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