Hoa Binh: Over 10,000 voluntary blood donors

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Humanitarian blood donation is a great movement with deep humanity meaning and a deep spread in social life. Therefore, in the past years, the voluntary blood donation movement in Hoa Binh province has continued to grow, the movement has entered peoples life and become a routine. With the participation of agencies and stakeholder and the unanimous cooperation of all levels, the branches have brought opportunities to be treated for thousands of people every year.

Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Vice Chairman of Hoa Binh Provincial Peoples Committee awarded Certificate of Merit to typical voluntary blood donors

In 2018, the Provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation has organized many meaningful activities such as: Campaign for voluntary blood donation on Tet occasion; Summer red blood drops Campaign; Voluntary blood donation day (April 7); International Day of Blood Donors (June 14) … In addition, the Steering Committee for the movement of voluntary blood donation in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Hospital 198 of Ministry of Public Security and the Steering Committee for Movement voluntary blood donation of districts, cities, provincial Labor Union, Youth Union, Provincial Youth Union of the province and the Provincial Public Security organized 22 voluntary blood donations with 10,154 participants to register to donate blood , the number of blood units that meet the standard is 7,564 units, an increase of 642 units compared to 2017, reaching 135% per year, after converting blood units to 9,354 units, increasing 1,624 units, reaching 151% of the annual plan.

In order for the movement to grow stronger, the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation at all levels in Hoa Binh province has promoted propaganda on mass media. At the same time, the participation of all levels, sectors, exemplary leading from managers of agencies and stakeholder has attracted a large number of volunteers not only in public agencies but also businesses located in the province. Therefore, every year there is an increase in the number of voluntary blood donation clubs. In 2018, there were 133 blood donation clubs with 2,442 participants. Of which 76 clubs mobilized voluntary blood donations with 1,414 volunteers, 27 family blood clubs with 242 volunteers, 30 blood donation clubs (live blood banks) with 786 volunteers tablets.

In 2019, the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation at all levels continued to advise the Party committees and authorities to well implement the plan of voluntary blood donation, coordinate with other branches and mass organizations to implement the propaganda plan which widely mobilized agencies, schools, enterprises, armed forces units and all strata of people in the locality in order to achieve the targets of the National Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation for the year 2019 which is 0.77% of the population participated in blood donation, with 6,500 blood units.

Hương Dung

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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