Handing over the “Red Cross” houses to poor households in Chu Pah and Chu Prong (Gia Lai)

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On March 15, Gia Lai Provincial Red Cross and Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross collaborated with Adam Khoo Education Vietnam (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to hold the handover ceremony 04 “Red Cross” houses for poor households in difficult circumstances in Chu Pah and Chu Prong districts.

Accordingly, 4 “Red Cross” houses were given to Ro Cham Pyeoh family in Kep village, Ia Phi commune and Mrs Siu Lem in Om village, Dak Tơ Ver commune (Chu Pah district); Ms. Siu H’Lế in Nú village, Ia Kly commune and Mrs. Siu Phiah – Ngol village, Ia Tôr commune (Chu Prong district), these 4 households are all poor and difficult households.

Representatives of Sponsors and the Red Cross preseented money to support the construction of house for the family of Ro Cham Pyeoh in Kep village, Ia Phi commune (Chu Pah district)

Each given house has an area of 40m2 or more, tiled floors and corrugated roofs, meeting the living needs of the family. The total construction cost is VND 367 million, of which VND 160 million is funded by Adam Khoo Education Vietnam, the remaining VND 207 million is mobilized by the local government and the familys contribution more. In addition, the communal union also supported many construction days (labor hours).  

On this occasion, sponsors, local authorities, neighbors and neighbors also donated many meaningful gifts for the families, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and rise in life.

Hồng Ngọc

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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