Gia Lai: 2.4 billion VND to support women in the program “Accompanying women in border areas”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On March 16, in Ia Mor commune, Chu Prong district, the Womens Union of Gia Lai province cooperated with the Provincial Border Guard Command, the provincial Red Cross Chapter and Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross to organize medical examination, free medicine distribution, gift giving and preliminary review of 1 year implementation of the program “Accompanying women in border areas”.

Accordingly, many units have presented 400 jackets, 58 bicycles to poor students; 8 houses “Houses of Love” and “Red Cross” houses; 10 livelihood tools for poor women; 4 sets of computers for 2 Border Guards and 2 communal Womens Union (Ia Chia, Ia Grai); giving gifts to 300 poor households and preferential treatment policy families; medical examination and free medicine distribution for 160 people in Ia Mo commune … with a total budget of over 1 billion VND.

Representatives of units donated bicycles to poor students of Ia Mo commune (Chu Prong district)

The program “Accompanying women in border areas” after 1 year of implementation has brought about practical and pervasive effect. Participating units mobilized from various sources to support women in 2 border communes of Ia Chia (Ia Grai) and Ia Mo (Chu Prong) to develop their economy, build love houses, and toilets, medical examination, medicine provision, giving bicycles, essentials … with a total amount of VND 2.4 billion. This is a meaningful activity, contributing to educating the tradition of solidarity, solidarity, love and creativity of the staff, women unions members and Red Cross members. The program not only helps women to develop the economy but also contribute to maintaining political security in the border areas.

Phương Thúy

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa











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