Effective from the Campaign “Every organization, every individual associated with a humanitarian address”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

After 10 years of implementation of the campaign “Every organization, every individual associated with a humanitarian address” (2008 – 2018) in Hoa Binh has recognized many organizations and individuals with compassionate hearts which helps thousands of humanitarian addresses overcome difficulties.

To implement well the campaign “Each organization, each individual associated with a humanitarian address”, the Red Cross Chapter of Hoa Binh has advised the provincial Peoples Committee issued a decision to establish the Steering Committee to develop plans for implementation in 11 districts and cities in the province with specific targets and solutions. Guiding the districts, the Red Cross Chapter launched in all levels of the association and conducted surveys of disadvantaged people to compile the address of the need to help. At the same time, Red Cross closely coordinated with departments, mass organizations to communicate the purpose of the campaign, calling for organizations, individuals, agencies, units, enterprises and people from all walks of life actively participate and respond to the campaign.

Leaders of the Red Cross and donors gave gifts to the people of Tan Minh commune who were damaged by the storm No. 3.

After 10 years of implementation, the Red Cross Chapter of Hoa Binh province has surveyed, set up 14,570 records of humanitarian assistance addresses, these addresses are mostly victims of Agent Orange, the lonely elderly, children with disabilities, disadvantaged children, handicapped people, poor pupils, poor households, near poor households, households with special difficulties ….

Through the campaign, the province mobilized resources from agencies, units, organizations and individuals. After 10 years of implementation, the Red Cross Chapter has supported and via the Red Cross to introduce organizations and individuals to help with the total value of 33.5 billion VND, supported nearly 9,500 addresses with the number of people assisted over 16,000 people. The main forms of assistance are construction, repair and upgrading of charity houses; support loans for livestock development; supporting buffaloes and cows; Free medical examination and treatment; Free meals for poor patients at provincial, district and city hospitals; monthly cash assistance, scholarships for poor students.

Giving gifts to migrants in Nhap village, Dong Ruong commune, Da Bac district.

In addition to regular support activities, Red Cross chapter of Hoa Binh province has built many typical humanitarian models such as the Red Cross house support model; kitchen of love; Cow Bank model; rice grants, scholarships, etc.

The campaign “Each organization, every individual associated with a humanitarian address” has brought about practical effects to help those who are struggling to integrate into the community, contributing to the implementation of local social security. At the same time, through organizing and directing the campaign, the organization network of the association from province to grassroots continues to be strengthened; the quality of organization of associations at all levels has been improved, the role of counseling, capacity of mobilizing the masses, humanitarian mobilization of Red Cross staff at all levels has been significantly improved; The campaign has contributed to the socialization of humanitarian work; It calls for the help and assistance of the whole society to share and help those who are in difficult circumstances.

In order to further promote the campaign in the coming time, the Red Crosss levels continue to focus on a number of tasks such as promoting communication on the local mass media about the meaning and purpose of the campaign; Continuing to collect the dossier of addresses to be assisted; Support for disadvantaged people through appropriate forms such as building houses, development of livestock production, vocational training for job creation, giving savings books …; Organizing the activities of praising, honoring and rewarding organizations and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the campaign.

Hương Dung

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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