Chu Pah district (Gia Lai): Voluntary blood donation movement is spreading

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Wishing to share the “Red Blood” drops – bringing life and hope to the less fortunate. In the past years, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province has always joined hands, accompanied and expanded participants to join in voluntary blood donation, so the voluntary blood donation movement has been growing.

In order for the movement to spread widely in the community, the district Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation has strengthened the propaganda on humanitarian, beautiful high meaning and the benefits of blood donation, especially the effect of blood donation on the health of blood donor participants in remote areas. Many forms of propaganda have been implemented such as propaganda on the mass media, direct propaganda, distributing leaflets, hanging banners, pictures and slogans before the voluntary blood donation. … For example, the Red Journey “Red Drop on Highlands” program was successfully organized at the end of June 2018, the Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation campaign coordinated to distribute over 2,000 leaflets of blood donation. volunteering and hanging over 100 banners, posters, posters … attracted hundreds of participants to respond.

Mrs. Ro Cham Phao, Chairman of Red Cross Branch of Chu Pah District, Standing Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation in Chu Pah District said: “2018 is the 7 th year our district organizes blood donation. Despite many difficulties, but with the efforts of the district steering committee, since 2012 we have received 2,487 units of donated blood. Thereby, the districts voluntary blood donation movement has been widely implemented and received positive participation from the whole society, especially people in remote areas and ethnic minority areas ” .

Typically, Ms. An Thi Thu Hien, Vice Principal of the Preschool of Ia Ka commune is one of the bright examples in the districts voluntary blood donation movement, not only actively participating in voluntary and personal blood donation movements. she is the head of a school that actively encourages school officials and teachers to participate in blood donation, Ms. Hien said: “Although in remote and disadvantaged areas, each round of blood donation launch was organized by the district voluntary blood donation steering committee and the school teachers were enthusiastically involved in voluntary blood donation. I myself have donated blood 9 times, I feel very happy when my blood drops can save many patients lives.

In 2018, Chu Pah district organized 2 voluntary blood donations and received 582 safe blood units, reaching 116% of the plan assigned by the Provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation. In fact, the voluntary blood donation movement in Chu Pah has achieved high results due to the close connection of the community in all walks of life to work together for the good cause. The success of the voluntary blood donation movement has shown the concern of the party committees, authorities, agencies, departments and unions from the district to the grassroots level.

According to Ms. Ro Cham Phao, the previous organization of voluntary blood donation only propagated much in the agencies and schools in the district center, so it did not meet the necessary blood quantity. Therefore, expanding the audience and mobilizing the members at the commune level in the district to participate in voluntary blood donation is an essential task.

With the proportion of ethnic minorities accounting for nearly 52% of the total population, the work of mobilizing ethnic minorities in ethnic minority areas not only meets the needs of blood for emergency and treatment but also educating humanity, sharing in the community with the spirit: “Sharing the blood, giving hope and every drop of blood, a life to stay”.

Hồng Ngọc – Gia Lai Red Cross Chapter

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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